Frequently Asked Questions

What do I get from being a Just Bee member?
When you sign up for free, you will automatically be sent a welcome letter, the Just Bee sticker, your ID cards, and a link with instructions of how to download our app. Once you become a Bee, you can use our app or your ID cards at any Bee friendly establishment. The app and website will keep you connected to any updates, further discounts, and special offers.
I just recently become a Bee, what do I do when I go to a local restaurant?
Congratulations! Thank you so much for your support and welcome. Great question! In order to be a Bee friendly business, all employees and staff had to go through a training process. Their commitment is to have the Bee logo visible, to help you once you have identified yourself, and to serve you immediately. They are committed to making you feel welcomed and completely comfortable throughout your dining experience. Any help you may need, they will be there for you. Whether it’s discounts, VIP service, or making you feel at home. Please know that all Bee friendly establishments want your business and appreciate you as a customer.
Will I be able to meet any other Bee members? I am mother of a 10 year old son with Autism who loves the movies. I saw on your app that my local movie theater is now a Bee friendly environment and is offering sensory friendly movies the first Sunday of every month but I do not want to go alone.
Not only do we promote discounts and promotions but we love for our members to meet up and develop close friendships. Our founder Layla Luna’s vision is that there are power in numbers. We promote inclusiveness not exclusiveness. We have meet up groups, chats, and blogs so we can hear what will make your lives easier. It is important for us to know in order to create change. Check our app or website to see any upcoming events near you.
I have a 6 month old baby girl with Down syndrome. Does Just Bee apply to me too?
Definitely! Your daughter is who we are fighting for. Because of the Just Bee movement, she will never know a day when this world was exclusive. We are targeting the toy industry, amusement parks, the clothing industry and film and television industry so you will have access to everything you need to give her a joyous and full life.