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Bee a part of the Just Bee brand. Sign up and get FREE stickers to show your support and Bee a part of the movement and get the support of discounts, recognition and respect.


– Apply today to receive our training curriculum and educational videos.

– Businesses working with Just Bee:

  1. Create sensory friendly days/hours/environments by dimming lights, turning down music etc.

  2. Offer discounts
  3. Roundup
  4. Promote their Bee friendly environment on social media
  5. Offer Fundraising
  6. Proudly display the Just Bee logo

Bee a Sponsor

100 dollar donation for non profit organization Just Bee tax deductible.


  1. Just Bee logo must be placed in the window and added to all social media and support groups.
  2. All Bee members will be treated with VIP treatment once they show their Just Bee membership. This all begins will a very welcoming smile. Show the Bee members that they are welcomed and you are excited to have them as part of your day.
  3. This membership includes not waiting in long lines, discounts, serving them and providing any extra help entering or exiting the establishment.
  4. All merchants will be prepared to compensate the Bee member if there are any accidents.
    Ex. If a Bee spills his or her drink they will automatically give a free refill with no charge.
  5. All staff will be willing to turn down loud music or create an environment that is more sensory friendly, if this is a possibility. 

  6. All staff will be trained to to approach other customers who may not be so understanding to a family with autism spectrum. We have some key words or examples you could use as a script for your business that could defuse any stressful situation. Unfortunately, not all people are as compassionate towards these kinds of families.
    Ex. Say a Bee member is screaming and having a hard time. And customers start to complain that it’s bothering them. Your staff could kindly walk up to them and say that you are a Just Bee friendly environment. That you will not refuse the right for any human being to not enjoy your business. Please be patient and ask for them to have tolerance. And smile. You can refer them to the Just Bee site to educate them on how to evolve and be cool.
  7. All establishments make up their own discounts. We don’t control this. We hope that the more that is offered the easier it will make in these families’ lives.
  8. Just Bee information, flyers or stickers should be available or displayed for customers to learn more. Power is in numbers. The more we grow, the sooner we can all Bee one. Education and compassion can change the world.
  9. We ask you to share your photos, stories and promotions with us. Just Bee will spread the word. Through social media, we will let the world know that your establishment is a supporter, a believer and making a difference. This is the best kind of publicity.
  10. Always remember, the most pleasing 5 letter word….Smile! Having autism spectrum is something we don’t have control over. But we all have control over our smile. Bee One!

Some behaviors that you may encounter 
  • Screaming
  • Noise sensitivity
  • Melt downs
  • Biting
Removal of clothing
Wandering or Running (elopement)
Taking food
  • Crying