About Us

Layla Luna – Founder/ CEO

As a mother of a special needs child, Layla knows first hand the challenges families can face on this journey. She started a program called Dance From Your Heart which provides classes for special needs children. The students are able to dream, believe, and freely express themselves through movement and dance in a positive environment.

She started her career as a Russian olympic trained, state champion gymnast. After an injury she transitioned into the world of dance. As a professional Middle Eastern Artist (Belly Dancer), award winning choreographer, owner of Layla Dance Academy, and Director of The Lotus Dancers for 20 years. Layla is no stranger to the public eye. She has performed all over the world and had a T.V. show based out of Dubai that reached a hundred millions viewers worldwide. Her greatest joy are her three children and teaching dance to all ages and abilities. “Life is a dance, dance with Life.”

Dr. Diane Cullinane

Dr. Diane Cullinane is a developmental pediatrician and is the Co-founder and Executive Director of Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA), a multi-disciplinary agency that provides therapy services for infants, children and teens with autism and other developmental challenges using the DIRFloortime approach.

Dr. Cullinane is the author of Behavioral Challenges in Children with autism and other special needs, the developmental approach, a book for parents and professionals about how to address behavioral challenges.

Stacy Jolna

Innovative digital media exec/business-builder at the crossroads of media & technology. Jolna helped build game-changing digital, mobile, TV and social media businesses: TiVo, CNN, Microsoft/WebTV, TV Guide Digital, GoChip. Named to Ad Age’s “Marketing 100” and “i20” leading new media executives. TV news work earned a Peabody and multiple Emmy’s. Speaker at 2nd Screen Summit, Social TV Summit, PromaxBDA, Kagan Digital, Digital Hollywood. Founding Governor of Interactive TV Alliance.

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