Let’s end Bullying, eliminate hate and Just Bee better people.
...To ourselves and to each other.
Regardless of our abilities or autism spectrum, we are all the same.
We are flesh and blood.
We are equal.
We are human.
We are one.
Just Bee part of this movement because together, we can change the world.

Here, we are all ONE, we are all WELCOME, we are all treated equally and ask to be treated equally in return.
With this vision, we can work together to end bullying and eliminate hate.
We can do away with the exclusions society has created that have divided us.

Together, we can do this.
We can make a difference.
We can change the world.
We can be better people.
Together, we can… Just Bee One.

Why the symbol of a bee?

A bee's natural design shouldn't allow it to fly- but it does, just like people within the autism spectrum who can do anything.

When you see the bee in your local restaurant or establishment it’s a symbol that you are welcomed and that this place supports you. With discounts, recognition and respect.

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A Movement to Change the World

Just Bee is a movement to change the world one human being at a time. Autism spectrum and disabilities see no color, age, gender, race, or religion. Take a look and see all the amazing people changing the world. With no fear and constant determination, let these people be our roadmap to where this journey begins.

Stephen Hawkings

I'm a World Renowned Physicist


I'm a Gold Medal Winner


I'm a Famous author & Activist

Stephen Hawkings

I'm a Business Owner and Operator


I'm a Table Tennis Player


I'm a Veteran

Who am I? I'm Layla, Mother, Daughter, Sister... Warrior, Survivor...


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We Want to Hear Your Story

Just Bee is a platform for you to have a voice. Share your experiences and your struggles. We can't grow or change as a world unless we hear you and know you.


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Be a leader in your community and join us on this journey to spread the message of love, acceptance and equality for all human beings. Advertising the bee symbol in your business lets our members know you are apart of this powerful movement for change.

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